Heaven-on-Earth Policy and Procedures
Sponsors and Visitors

Dear appreciated sponsors, friends and prospective visitors

We are very excited to welcoming you to our project! As a growing project, currently operating in several public schools and crèches, we respect the authority of the headmasters and the governing bodies of these learning institutions. Before your visit to the Heaven-on-Earth Project, kindly familiarise yourself with the following procedures:

  1. The headmaster of the school or crèche receiving Heaven-on-Earth guests must always be informed of prospective visitors or sponsors. Please contact the Heaven-on-Earth Quality Co-ordinator of the specific region prior to your visit, as the information regarding your visit (date, time and purpose) must be communicated to the headmaster of the specific school or crèche well in advance.
  2. We function in schools and crèches, with headmasters and governing bodies, making it possible for us to implement our program in their schools. We ask that no sponsor or visitor access our centre or any other classes where the Heaven-on-Earth Project is involved, without organising such a visit with the Quality Co-ordinator of the area and without being accompanied by such.
  3. We kindly ask that you report to reception on arrival, where the Heaven-on-Earth Quality Co-ordinator will be meeting you. Upon early arrival, please wait at reception, as the Quality Co-ordinator will be informed as such by the secretary.
  4. Heaven-on-Earth is an educational program and as such may not be able to always accommodate requests to visit our program facilities. We appreciate your understanding.
  5. In case a sponsor or visitor has any questions or concerns, please direct these through the correct channels, namely through the Quality Co-ordinator to Executive Management.

We believe your visit will provide you with a small window to witness the extreme need in our country. Thank you for your hearts and your care for our young learners.

Heaven-on-Earth Management Team