Our Story

Every human being on earth is a temple of the Lord. We sometimes realise it and allow Him to move into our hearts and work through us. This allows heaven to enter earth for you, but even more so, for those around you with whom you journey on earth. We at Heaven on Earth realised early that God our Father does not only want us to be ready as temples, but His wish for us is to help others to become complete and restored temples.
Let’s draw it closer to home … we must help people to become their best and be ready to serve Him as talented, dignified human beings. Our heavenly Father guided us to start with the little ones and to trust Him to take us where He will lead us. We simply have to follow… In our following of Him we experience an open heaven for the program and for the children. We experience unprecedented growth in the children, but also in ourselves and every employee involved. The Lord does not work in half measures … He addresses multiple issues simultaneously. We are often the limiting factors because of our limited faith.
By His grace He remains gracious with His everlasting love, mercy and kindness. He is always close to extend His fatherly hand and guide us and to reveal Jesus to everyone that opens their heart to Him.

We are so thankful for the almost 700 children who currently receive remedial teaching on a weekly basis and the 150 learners that joined us at the beginning of 2016 on a full time basis in 6 new grade R and grade RR classes. We now have 13 classes in 3 schools where children are supported and we have a strange sense that this is still only a small seed that just germinated and started to grow.

The Education Department joined us at the beginning of 2016 and this opened new doors as well as new networks and opportunities to make a difference in a very real way.Our challenges in the communities remain enormous – almost how Goliath must have looked to David…(millions of children that do not pass matric, poverty, unemployment, moral decay, crime and gangsters…) but then His soft voice appears:“look back and see what I have done and know you are on the right path. The future is heavenly…”

Come, walk with us, pray with us, sponsor a child at R90 per month or even better – ask the Lord to reveal His special call in the Kingdom for you and go where He leads.