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HOEP-Newsletter, English

For so many children this is but a small part of their reality: flooded homes in Khayelitsha, a crèche burnt to ashes in Franschhoek, the unbearable smell of the dumpsites in Jakarta…

It is HOEP’s objective to bring hope in these circumstances. It is in conditions such as these that our quality co-ordinators move week after week, making quality early intervention possible for the young learners and bringing them Jesus’ love.

Thank you so much to every sponsor of HOEP, however big or small. You enable us to make a difference in the lives of more than 1700 children.

Results, growth figures, impact!!


We present our results for the period January to December 2018 with pride and immense gratitude. Outcomes were measured by means of the WCED’s Baseline Assessment, which is conducted by primary school teachers during term 1 of the learners’ grade 1 year. This year HOEP processed the results of 3 primary schools from different areas, where grade R learners completed all 36 remedial intervention sessions in 2018:  Sir Lowry’s Pass, Strand and Delft.  The processing of the results of a fourth school, P.C. Petersen Primary in Kylemore was also done. These learners however only attended 18 intervention sessions (July 2018 to December 2018). Their results are thus indicated separately.

P.C. Petersen Primary

HOEP’s Remedial Intervention Program has now been implemented in the grade R and pre-grade R classes of 32 schools/crèches in the Western Cape and in 4 crèches in Jakarta.


Each one, teach one.
-Denzel Washington-

All role players worked tirelessly throughout the term to ensure quality intervention for 4- to 6-year old learners in the areas where we operate.


Passionate, devoted HOEP Quality Co-ordinators present weekly training sessions at the schools and crèches.

Left: Ilse Titus in action during such a training session at Lofland Edu-Care in Strand!


Learners in Firgrove and Khayelitsha busy with their remedial intervention sessions. These sessions are presented by the educators of the different schools or crèches in the comfort of their own classes.  Our sponsors make it possible to provide each learner with a brand new, beautiful HOEP-workbook at the beginning of every term.

Quality control and assessment

 Internal, as well as external measurement of results take place. Internal measurement refers to the continuous assessment of the learners’ individual achievement. External measurement is done on a yearly basis through samples taken in schools, representative of the areas where we function.

Educators presenting the program in their classes are assessed as well. Each educator receives a comprehensive report following a class visit. The objective with the reports is to motivate, to build and to empower.

Left: Sponsors accompany us on class visits at times. Here Fiona Walker (Somerset West Rotary Club) en Christine Reith (RC Münich 100) joined us on a visit to Fruitways-Glen Elgin Crèche in Grabouw.



The face



Local and international sponsors were an active part of HOEP’s growth during term 2!

HOEP is privileged and blessed to have supporters who are there, every step of the way! Above: Some of our wonderful sponsors who were part of this term’s journey. Thank You Diverso, Anton van Geest, Lebenslinien, Rotary Club Somerset West, Rotary Club Münich 100, Iona Horn and Rian Erasmus!

Special objectives for term 3

We are very excited about the Monitoring & Evaluation Framework which is currently compiled by Carl Oppelt (MPA, SU), specially for HOEP. This effective marketing tool will empower us to approach large companies for funding and realise our vision and objectives.

We firmly believe that every child (irrespective of where in the world) should be able to receive quality early intervention, should s/he need it.  For this reason, we are going to start with an in-depth investigation into options such as online- and mobile empowerment during term 3. We believe that the use of technology could make early intervention much more accessible to parents who want to make a difference for their children.

It always stays our objective to give each learner a better chance to a successful life!

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Report compiled by:  Campher Serfontein, Sunette Erasmus, Sophia Jansen, Maria Koen, Ilse Titus and Olivia Oppelt

Date: 10 June 2019

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