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About The Program

Children in the areas where the Program operates, grow up under very difficult circumstances. Poverty, drugs, alcohol and neglect is part of their daily lives. The name Heaven-on-Earth symbolizes a piece of “heaven” which the Program aims to give these little learners through quality education, extra attention and loads of love. Through the Program the children receive a firm foundation, both educational and spiritual.

Remedial Intervention Programmes for grade RR and R available from January 2018!

Remedial Workbooks

School Readiness

The key to bridging backlogs before starting with formal schooling… supplementary to the school’s or crèche’s curriculum and of remedial nature

Mathematical skills

Counting skills, Number recognition, Number forming, Addition, Subtraction, Word sums, Measurement , 2D and 3D shapes, Value and sorting of coins, Mathematical concepts

Perceptual skills

Fine motor co-ordination, Visual discrimination, Reasoning and association, Visual sequencing, Visual-motor co-ordination, Visual closure, Foreground/background discrimination, Visual memory, Spatial Orientation, Form Consistency, Auditory discrimination, Auditory sequencing, Auditory memory, Listening Skills and Emergent reading and spelling for grade R

Life Skills

The workbooks (in accordance with CAPS) focus on specific themes to guide and to help young learners.


Heaven-on-Earth project is currently in full operation at the following schools and crèches:
Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary, Firgrove Primary, Dr GJ Joubert Primary (Strand), St Paul’s School (Faure), Emily’s Play School (Sir Lowry’s Pass), Eagles Nest Learning and Development Institute (Grabouw), Oak Valley Crèche, Kabouterland Crèche (Grabouw), Landulwazi Educare Centre (Grabouw), Mbalentle Educare Centre (Grabouw), Graymead Crèche (Grabouw), Fruitways-Glen Elgin Crèche (Grabouw), Frank’s Heaven Crèche (Kylemore), Baphumelele Educare Centre (Khayelitsha), Essenhout Primary (Delft) , P.C. Petersen, Primary (Kylemore), Poplap Crèche (Grabouw), Applegarth Crèche (Grabouw) and Flying Butterflies (Franschhoek)

Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School

Literacy, Numeracy and School Readiness classes are offered in the Heaven-on-Earth Centre, situated on the Sir Lowry’s Pass school grounds.

Dr GJ Joubert Primary

Two dressing rooms in the school hall was made available for use by the project. These rooms have been beautifully converted into classrooms, where the Heaven-on-Earth remedial intervention program for school readiness is presented to grade R learners and where grade 1 learners receive quality assistance with literacy and numeracy in small groups of 10.

Firgrove Primary School

The school made two bathrooms and a store room available to the project. These rooms have been revamped and furnished in the typical Heaven-on-Earth style and is used for additional School Readiness and support classes for Firgrove’s grade R and grade 1 learners.

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